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  Application Guide of Hardening Filler 9010
  Performance of Hardening Filler 9010 in Tread Adhesive

LIU Heng-wu,GAI Xue-feng

[Yinchuan(Great Wall)Tire Co.,Ltd.,Yinchuan 750011,China]

Abstract:The effect of hardening filler 9010 on the properties of tread compound was investigated.The results showed that the Mooney scorch time,t10,t30 and t60 of tread compound reduced,and the minimum torque and the maximum torque increased by adding hardening filler 9010;the vulcanizate presented higher Shore A hardness,tensile strength,modulus at 100%,modulus at 300%,and elongation at bread,and lower Akron abrasion loss;the blisters in the extruded tread were less and smaller;and the endurance of the finished tire improved.

Keywords:hardening filler;tread compound;endurance

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